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When do the applications begin?

We begin services the first week of March as weather permits. 

We typically start in the farthest west areas of Davis County and progress towards the east benches  For a more precise date on your service area, contact our office at 801-451-2220.

Should I wait for my water to be turned on before my 1st application?

Waiting is not necessary. The cool temperatures and the early morning moisture we receive in spring provides the needed growing conditions for turf. If you have a treatement program scheduled and wish to wait, give us a call and we'll reschedule.

How do I know when my next application is?

After the initial spring applicaiton, all following treatments will be every 5-6 weeks around weather and holidays.  If you have locked gates, pets, or any special requests, we will contact you 1-2 days head to make arrangements to service your lawn.  If, for any reason, you would like advance notice, please call our office at 451-2220.

After an application, how long should I wait before watering?

Generally, we recommend waiting 3 hours after an application prior to any watering. If the application included weed killer, allow the application to dry for 24 hours if temeratures are below 80*.  During higher temperatures, water in that evening.  Granular applications of fertilizer can be watered  in at anytime.

How soon can I mow after an application?

Before mowing, it is best to water at least once after an application. However, if your mower has a mulcher, you can mow anytime. If a granular application was applied, you can also mow anytime.

How will the application affect my pets?

The products we choose are all pet and people friendly. However, as a safety precaution, we prefer your pets are kept off treated areas until they have completely dried.

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Spring Aerations will commence in February this year (weather permitting).  Please call us today: (801) 451-2220


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