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Lawn Care


We use fertilizers that are locally mixed and formulated to best suit the needs of lawns in our area, which are primarily Kentucky Bluegrasses. This factor is imperative in enriching the soil and providing the necessary nutrients for lawns to grow.

Weed Control

The best weed control available is a healthy, dense lawn. Thick turf provides great competition for weeds. Proper watering and fertilization insures good lawn growth and limited opportunity for weed invasion. Our initial early spring application includes a pre-emergent treatment to help defend against spurge and crabgrasses. Four of our six applications, in a full-season program, provide herbicide treatments for better weed control throughout the season.


We also offer core aeration, and strongly recommend that a lawn be aerated at least once a year—usually in the early spring. Aerating will help your lawn to breathe and will allow nutrients, water and fertilizer to penetrate the thatch and reach the roots. We use core aeration which leaves plugs on the surface of the lawn. These plugs help reduce compaction, reduce the thatch layer and add organic matter to the lawn surface.

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Has your lawn struggled with grubs or pill bugs in the past? If so, you definitely do not want to miss our "Grub Suppression" application. This liquid treatment is applied between mid-May and the June 1st, depending upon temperatures and precipitation. Success depends on timing which targets the larval stage of the grub's life cycle. Application must occur prior to hatching, when grubs become active feeders of the lawn's root system.

Got active grubs? Don't let them get out of hand! Our liquid treatment kills the grubs and other insects that may have moved in during the lawn's weakened state.

To obtain an estimate, enter your information in the Online Estimator at the right of this page. Call us at 801.451-2220 to schedule an appointment.


Unfortunately, in the last few years, two types of fungus have appeared throughout Davis County: Neucrotic Ring Spot and Fairy Ring. If detected early, most problems can be overcome with various modifications to watering, fertilizing, and the amount of shade on the lawn. If treatment is necessary, we offer specialized programs that can assist you. We offer a FREE consultation at any time. Contact us for more details.

other lawn services

Every lawn is different. Soil conditions, grass types, water, nutrients and many other aspects affect the lawn's overall appearance and health. If you are unsure about what is afflicting your lawn, contact us us for a FREE lawn consultation.

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